Promoting Professionalism in ELT

Padang, February 22 – 24, 2010


As a world-wide language, the great need for the teaching-learning of English as an L2 and/or an FL has been increasing significantly. However, the teaching-learning process of English as an FL in Indonesia has not been fairly successful yet. Natural, cultural, psychological, theoretical, and practical problems are still in crucial issues which need to be discussed seriously. In order to have significant success in the teaching-learning of English, professionalism in English Language Teaching (ELT) should be stimulated and promoted by means of various ways. Having conference on ELT is one way which can be held to obtain the intended professionalism.

Being inspired by the experiences in organizing and holding national and international seminars so far, the English Department of Faculty of Language Literature and Art, the State University of Padang would like to organize the scientific discussions and workshops into regular conferences which are labeled as Conference on Language and Language Teaching (CLLT). It is planned that CLLT is held annually in the level of national and international one with various focuses. In accordance with the planning, this is the first international level of CLLT, and this year it is focused on the English language teaching. This conference is held with the theme: “Promoting Professionalism in ELT”. Researchers, lecturers, teachers, or students of English are kindly invited to participate in this valuable conference.

Topics of Papers

Those who are interested in ELT may write paper(s) related to one of the following topics:

(1)   ICT-based ELT

(2)   Media in ELT

(3)   Curriculum and Material Development in ELT

(4)   Evaluation and Assessment in ELT

(5)   School-based Curriculum of ELT

(6)   English for Young Learners

(7)   Researches and Methods in ELT

(8)   English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

(9)   Literature in ELT

Presenters and Participants

Presenters in this conference will be: (i) key note speakers who will be the presenters in plenary sessions; and (ii) selected presenters who will be the presenters in parallel sessions. The key note speakers are:

(1) Elizabeth Smolcic (The Pennsylvania State University, U.S)

(2) Ismet Fanany (Deakin University, Australia)

(3) Gloria P.S (RELC Singapore)

(4) Woeri Soejatmiko (Widya Mandala Catholic University, Indonesia)

(5) A lecturer of the English Department (State University of Padang, Indonesia)

Researchers, lecturers, teachers, students, or others who are in good interest on topics offered above are kindly invited to be selected presenters and as the participants, as well.

Abstract and Paper

Both abstract and papers should be written in English. Those who are going to be selected as presenters for parallel sessions are required to send a-250 word abstract, consisting of the title, complete name of author(s), affiliation, e-mail address, the body of the abstract,  and 5 – 7 key words/phrases that should be sent to one of the following e-mail addresses: or <>, or <>

or by posted-services to the secretariat of ICLLT-1 committee:

Jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris

Fakultas Bahasa Sastra dan Seni

Universitas Negeri Padang

Jalan Belibis, Kampus UNP, Air Tawar, Padang (25131)

Sumatera Barat, Indonesia

The deadline of sending abstract is August 14, 2009 and the announcement of abstract acceptance is August 31, 2009. Following the abstract, a short writer’s curriculum vitae and contact address should be written separately and sent together with the abstract to the same address. The accepted abstract should be developed into a 6 – 7 page paper (including bibliography) on A4 paper, single space, 11 pt, and character letters of Times New Roman. The deadline of sending complete paper is September 28, 2009. The selected papers will be published as the conference proceeding. Paper presentation will be 40 minutes; laptop, LCD, and OHP are provided by the committee.

Dates for Notice

(i) August 3 – Oct. 15, 2009   : The registration for presenters and participants

(ii) August 14, 2009                  : The deadline of sending abstract

(iii) August 31, 2009                 : The information/announcement of abstract acceptance

(iv) September 28, 2009         : The deadline for sending complete paper

(v) October 16 – 17, 2009       : The conference days


The conference presenters and participants have to register and pay for registration fee; the latest date is October 15, 2009. The payment is as follow:

(1) Presenters from Indonesia                   : Rp. 250.000,-

(2) Participants from Indonesia                : Rp. 300.000,-

(3) S1/S2/S3 students from Indonesia   : Rp. 200.000,-

(4) Presenters/Participants from abroad : $ 100

The payment should be transferred to:

Account holder : Sitti Fatimah, S.S., M. Ed.

Bank                            : BNI, Cabang Padang

Bank address           : Padang

Account No.            : 0167946468

Please send the payment receipt to the committee of ICLLT-1 through fax: 62(0751)447347. All presenters and participants will get conference kits, proceedings, lunch, snacks, and certificates.

Place of Conference and Accommodation

The venue of the seminar moves to Best Western Basko Hotel, Jalan Prof. Dr. Hamka No. 2A, Air Tawar Padang. West Sumatra Telp +62 751 4488 888 Fax +62 751 4488 880

The committee does not serve the accommodation for presenters and participants, but the following hotels/places are recommended:

(1) Pangeran Beach Hotel         Phone 0751 7051333 (Rate: Rp. 465,000 – 575,000)

(2) Pangeran City Hotel            Phone. 0751 31233 (Rate: Rp. 275,000 – 375,000)

(3) Mariani’s Hotel                   Phone. 0751 25466 (Rate: Rp. 200,000 – 330,000)

(4) Ambacang Hotel                 Phone. 0751 39888 (Rate: Rp. 450,000 – 550,000)

(5) Hayam Wuruk Hotel           Phone. 0751 21726 (Rate: Rp.  200,000 – 350,000)

Registration Form:

Fill in this form with block letters, then send to the e-mail addresses of the committee!

Name                                       : _____________________________________

Name to appear on Tag    : _____________________________________

Affiliation                               : _____________________________________

Job Designation                   : _____________________________________

Address                                   : _____________________________________

Telephone                              : _____________________________________

Registered as                         : a Presenter / Participant *

Title of paper                         : _____________________________________

______________, ___________2009




Jurusan Bahasa dan Sastra Inggris

Fakultas Bahasa Sastra dan Seni

Universitas Negeri Padang

Jalan Belibis, Kampus UNP, Air Tawar, Padang (25131)

Phone   : 62(0751)447347

Fax      : 62(0751)447347

For further information visit :

Contact Persons:

1. Dra. Yeni Rozimela, M. Ed., Ph.D.   HP. 081267405199

2. Rima Andriani Sari, S. Pd., M. Hum.            HP. 081374282043



  1. Dear committee,
    Just got the information from a friend this morning that you’re having an international seminar in Oct. i hurried to the net and checked out for abstract submission, unfortunately it’s closed. So… i lost my chance…
    Is there any chance for me, at all?

    1. The international conference will be conducted on February 26-27, 2010. Full paper (prior accepted abstract) should be at the committee by November 20, 2009.

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