Using ICT in Language Teaching

ICT in language teaching is the new trend right now. Most schools and universities used this trend to increase the students’ interest to their institution. Many schools and universities support their institution with computer & internet network, LCD projector and some other devices.

However, this new trend are not supported yet with skillful trainer or teacher to this instruments. On the other hand, students are not new to this new instrument. They are familiar with this instrument such as, internet, fb, email, however, they are not commonly used them for learning.

I really want to help the students and teachers (or some lecturers) who are interested in this new trend. Right now, I am involved in the workshop conducted by English Department FBSS UNP. This workshop invited Ismet Fanany, M.A., Ph.D. (Deakin University) and Elizabeth Smolcic, Ph.D. (The Pennsylvania State University). This workshop conducted for four days attended by English lecturers especially CALL lecturers.


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