Final Project of CALL 2010

To whom it may concern

CALL Students of English Department

For your final project you can create a homepage which consists of some pages and hyperlink to your previous tasks.

model webYour personal page consists of the following links:

  • your data,
  • your slides in group presentation (ppt),
  • your hot potatoes project,
  • your movie that can be used for teaching purposes (for any language skills),
  • your analysis related to web-based learning and other applications (such as skype, facebook, etc. (for this one, you can also submit it in form of printed material)

You need to put them (the file) altogether inside the CD. Check whether the links work properly before submitting it.

You can submit your task in pair (one CD for two students).

Collect your final project collectively to your chair person. The latest day to submit the CD is on the January 14, 2010.


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