Rendang Festival: New Record in Padang

Padang made a new record by presenting the festival of cooking rendang, the traditional food of Minangkabau. There were 104 villages in Padang or more than 5000 participants (women and men) followed this festival including two foreigners from German, Douglas and Christine. This festival took around 5200 kgs beef to be cooked. Each group were given time to cook for about three hours.

This festival was open formally by the Ministry of Communication, Information, Republic of Indonesia, Tifatul Sembiring Datuk Tumangguang. He said that this tradional food should be kept and made as the icon for us. Meanwhile the Major of Padang, Fauzi Bahar said that this festival will be made as one of the program in Padang annually.

Alang Laweh won this festival and got a car from the Committee and money, ten million IRD, given by the Minister, the second place took by Ambacang Kuranji, and the third place Ulak Karang Selatan.

Rendang is included as fifties the most delicious food in the world based on CNN. This food is a Minangkabau the beef  cury which has special receipt.


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