The Third Prasasti International Seminar


August 2, 2016 – August 3, 2016

The Third PRASASTI International Seminar

Theme: “Current Research in Linguistics”

Linguistics Postgraduate Program of Universitas Sebelas Maret in commemorating the university anniversary is proudly to hold an international seminar on recent linguistics research. This scientific meeting accommodates linguistics scholars, experts as well as anybody who has interest in researching languages to share their ideas and findings.

The theme of the meeting is Sharing Ideas and Findings of Recent Linguistics Research which cover any interest under Linguistics such as Descriptive Linguistics (Phonology, Morphology, Discourse Analysis, Ethnolinguistics), Psycholinguistics and Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Linguistics for Translation, Systemic Functional Linguistics, Sociolinguistics, and any application of Linguistics for any purposes.

Call for Papers

We invite proposals for paper presentations, which should be submitted in abstract form from 10 February to 15 May 2016. Abstract for the paper presentation should be no more than 400 words completed with references. The abstract should include the description of the study, the summary of the main part of the presentation (highly expected the results of the study), five keywords and the references. Abstract is written in English.

Full paper is submitted after receiving notification of abstract acceptance. Full paper is written in 5 pages that should cover abstract, background of the study, theoretical review and methodology of the study, findings and discussion, conclusion, and references. Full paper is written in either English or Bahasa Indonesia.

Abstract and full paper are written in A4 paper with 11 Times New Romance font; 3-3-3-3 margin; single space and are submitted to (cc:

Working Language

The working language of the conference is English or Bahasa Indonesia

Keynote Speakers

1. Dr.  Foong Ha Yap (Polytechnic University of Hong Kong)

2. Mohamed Zain Sulaiman, Ph.D. (UKM, editor Gema journal)

3. Fazal Mohamad Mohamad Sultan (UKM)

4. Pardi (Balai Bahasa Jateng)

5. Prof. Dr.Sumarlam, M.S.

6. Prof. Riyadi Santosa, M.Ed. Ph.D.

Key Dates

15 May 2016                 : Abstract Submission Deadline

6 June 2016                  : Notification of Abstract Acceptance

30 June 2016                : Full Paper Submission Deadline

7 June – 17 July 2016 : Conference Payment

2-3 August 2016          : The 3rd PRASASTI International Seminar on Recent Linguistics Research

Post Seminar Activities

4 August 2016              : Post Seminar Tutorial Program on International Journal Article Publication*

*free for UNS students; non UNS students are charged IDR 50,000 for snack, lunchbox and certificate


Jl Adi Sucipto No 47Solo – Central Java

Indonesia – 57174

FB: SYariah Hotel Solo

Twitter: @syariahsolo

Phone (0271) 711000


Seminar Fees

Overseas Presenters and Participants

Standard – US$ 125 (shared hotel room)
Deluxe – US$ 150 (single per hotel room)

Local Presenters

Standard – IDR 1,000,000  (shared hotel room)
Deluxe – IDR 1,200,000 (single per hotel room)

Local Participants

Standard – IDR 800,000 (shared hotel room)
Deluxe – IDR 1,000,000 (single per hotel room)

*either presenters or participant are situated to book a hotel room


Fee covers:

Hotel Room
2 coffee breaks, lunch, dinner (1st day)
Breakfast, coffee break, lunch (2nd day)
Seminar backpack
Proceeding (only for presenters)
Manual book and schedule
Seminar kit (block note and ballpoint)


Local Presenters and Participants:

Payment should be made by bank transfer to:

Bank Name              : Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)
Bank Branch            : Cabang Surakarta
Account Number         : 0719881211
Account Holder’s Name : Angga Cahyaning Utami
Overseas Presenters and Participants:

Payment should be made by bank transfer to:

Bank Name                    : Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI)
Bank Branch                 : Cabang Surakarta
Account Number           : 0719881211
Swift Code                     : BNINIDJAXXX

Account Holder’s Name: Angga Cahyaning Utami

Scan of bank transfer slip  and registration form (download at are to be sent to (cc: The bank transfer slip is submitted on the due day of seminar for on desk seminar registration, checking in hotel room, claiming seminar kit and certificate.

Contact Person

Havid Ardi: +6285229289435
Hendi Pratama: +6281225811011
Ardanareswari: +6285799521795






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