The Addresses of MC to VVIP

  1. 1.      to the king or queen
  • His most Gracious Majesty. King Fahd of Saudi Arabia
  • Her most Gracious Majesty. Queen Elizabeth of United Kingdom
  • His Royal Highness, the Duke of York
  • Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of York
  • His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales
  • Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Wales
  1. 2.      to President, minister and other high functionaries of governance
  • The honorable BJ. Habibie, the President of Indonesia
  • The Honorable Amien Rais, the Head of House of Representative
  • The Honorable Abdul Malik Fajar, the Minister of National Education of Republic of Indonesia
  • The Honorable Arnold Schwazeneger, the United States District Judge
  • Your Excellency, General Ryamizard Ryacudu The Strategic Commander Army of Republic of Indonesia
  • Honorable Sutresna, the Assistant Secretary of Home Affair Ministry
  1. 3.      to Ambassadors and other representatives from other countries
  • The Honorable Robert de Niro the U.S Ambassador to Indonesia and Madam Lily
  • His Excellency Leonardo de Caprio the American Ambassador to Indonesia and Mrs. Anne
  • The Honorable Colonel John Carter, the Military Attache of the U.S Embassy and Mrs …
  1. 4.      to religious leaders
  • Your Ecellency, Rev ( Reverend) Ben Kelly 
  • My Dear Reverend Mother…….
  • Dear Father ……..
  • Dear Rev. …….
  • The Venerable and Very Reverend Father ……….
  • Ypur Holiness, Pope John Pard
  1. 5.      to general audiens
  • Ladies and Gentlemen
  • Dear Friend,
  • Dear Brothers and Sisters,
  • Distinguished Guests,

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