These are the topics for the discussion class. These topics will be discussed for every meeting. The presentation will be one of the evaluation processes.

No. Discussion Topic
1 What is translation? (translation, translating, and translator)
2 Translation Process.
3 Type of Meanings
4 Type of Translation
5 Untranslatability & Culture
6 Formal and dynamic equivalence
6 Equivalence at word level
7 Equivalence above word level
8 Grammatical Equivalence
9 Indicators of good translation/translation evaluation
10 Ideology of Translation and Method of Translation:
11 Type of Texts
12 The concept of  translation strategy, translation techniques, and translation procedure,
13 Teaching translation and teaching about translation

Translation Exercise

  1. Scientific Text
  2. Scientific Text
  3. Scientific text (tsunami)
  4. Technological Text (commercial feature)
  5. Industrial
  6. Economic
  7. Contract/MoU
  8. notices
  9. Humorous text

2 thoughts on “Translation Class

  1. assalammua’laikum, pak.
    for final project of translation class, u assign us to choice between making a translation or making a proposal. so, if we make a translation, is there any requirement of the text we will translate?

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