Muara Aman, The Gold and Historical City

I grew up in Muara Aman, Lebong Utara, Lebong Regency, so, Muara Aman is also my hometown where I spent my childhood till senior high school. Actually, it is a hard for me to write about this c

Ketenong Waterfall in Ketenong Village
Ketenong Waterfall in Ketenong Village

it y since I do not have enough resources to write about it. Well, it is OK to say that Muara Aman is city, isn’t it? Since Muara Aman has become the capital city of Lebong Regency, a new regency in Bengkulu Province. Lebong Regency has five sub-regencies; they are Lebong Atas, Lebong Selatan, Lebong Tengah, Lebong Utara, Rimbo Pengadang

Muara Aman is the place where I took my basic education, Elementary School (SD Negeri 27 Lebong Utara), Junior High School (SMP Negeri 1 Lebong Utara), and Senior High School (SMA Negeri 1 Lebong Utara). Many people consider that a remote place, like Muara Aman that is far from the capital city of the province, is not so good in its education. But, I think this opinion is not totally correct. Many students who graduated from this area can survive and compete with other students in higher education or university. So, it is one of the capitals that should be considered by the government.

Sunset in Picung Lake
Sunset in Lake Picung

Muara Aman was, actually, famous for its gold mining, although some areas are still producing gold. There are some places that can be visited in Muara Aman or Lebong to see its legend in the past. For instance, in Lebong Tambang, for about 3 Km from Pasar Muara Aman, we can see “Lobang Kacamata” (The Glasses Holes). This is an old mining left by the Japanese colonialism. We can also find some traditional mining in this area, but you should be careful there are many holes left by the gold miner without any sign.

Besides gold mining, we can also see some historical building that was left by English/Japanese/Dutch colonial buildings (I am not so sure who owned for it). There are some sites that can be visited around there, but they are not managed by the government yet. When I was in Elementary School (SD Negeri 27 Pasar Muara Aman) my sport teacher, Mr. Davis, ever took us to some historical building or the ruin of colonial history around Ladang Palembang and Kaler. The building was built by big square-shaped stone but I don’t know what it was? Maybe the historian can do some research about it.

Air Putih dekat Tambang Sawah

Muara Aman or Lebong in general has a very beautiful scenery. We can see Lake Picung near the new capital city of Lebong Regency Taba Atas, Ketenong Waterfall at Ketenong village, Lemeu waterfall, and so on. One of the favorit one is Air Putih Valley. This river lies in the way to go Tambang Sawah and ketenong. It is very beautiful river. It has hot spring water where we can boiled egg there. Whenever you visited this place, you should be careful about the hot water more than 100 c. We can swim here too in another site of this river. In lebaran day this place is always crowded with local visitors or from other regency.

There is also something interesting about Muara Aman related to its language, Rejang Language. Since Bengkulu was the only one place in Indonesia that was colonized by Englishman, there are many English words that still exist in Rejang Language. We can find some English here, for example, kabad /kabed/ the word for cupboard /kΛbəd/; blankit /blaŋkit/ the word for blanket /blæŋkit/; pakit /pakit/ the word for pocket /pΛkit/. This is an interesting thing for the linguist. I have ever done a small research about it.

Final word, Lebong has many capital or potency to be explored by the government. However, it needs a hard job because it is still lack of human resource to develop this regency. The society should be open to the new comer and develop this regency. The government should have good strategies in developing this place. Try to compare with other places that have the same character, for example, Sawahlunto Municipality in West Sumatra. Sawahlunto is also a mining city that has become the tourism spot now.

With love for Muara Aman, the peaceful city.

For all of my friends,

Solo, 26 October 2008


20 thoughts on “Muara Aman, The Gold and Historical City

  1. kira2 berapa km muara aman itu dari kota
    bengkulu p avid? kalau di tempuh dgn kendaraan umum dan pribadi kira2 berapa jam sampai di sana p avid?

    1. kira-kira 180 km. Muara Aman-Curup – Bengkulu. Biasanya dengan travel kira2 4 sampai 5 jam. travel kan lumayan cepat jadi hampir sama dengan mobil pribadi

  2. Boleh tanya, hm… Pak Avid, saya berencana mau ke daerah hulupalik, atau bukit daun. Kira-kira bisa kirimin foto2 kedua daerah tersebut???

    saya juga minta informasi mengenai Rumah sakit di daerah muara aman, daerah curup??
    kita berencana mau melintasi hutan dari daerah curup ke daerah muara aman. jadi butuh banyak informasi lengkap mengenai daerah sana.
    klo ada kirim ke
    atau telp 0818-0835-2655


    1. Maaf pak Jamal komennya disembunyikan akismet dikira spam kali.
      Sayang avid gak punya fotonya. tapi Coba liat di google earth atau via wikimapia. tinggal diketika aja daerah atau kabupatennya. biasanya bisa. Bisa masuk lewat Guguk Tinggi View

  3. Hi avid, i’ve leave some comments but i am afraid u skip it. Well, let me refresh u bout me. I was english dept student in 1997 n ur sist roommate. How is uni amy n desy? Pls send my warm regards to them. Thank u

  4. Hello, I’m sorry because I don’t know your name..
    My name is yela n I came from muara aman but now I live n working in jakarta
    It’s a surprise for me when I found your article.I was looking for anything about muara aman
    But it’s make me so happy because I knew every place in this article.long time ago,I was studied in SDN O2,in SMP 01 l/U,
    N SMUN 1 L/U.n I was graduated from senior high school level in 2001.
    Would you like to introduce you self to me please???you can send an E-mail to or you can search my account
    In facebook.
    Ok,nice to meet you…

    1. Nice to meet you Yella. So, we are from the same place and school, except elementary school i was graduated from SD N 27 Muara Aman. You can see all about me by click “about me” on the top under the header.

  5. hi, i’m so glad when i see that muara aman is still affect the net. my name is ari, and i study in akper curup. i’m from muara aman too, but from SD 1 Lokasari, and same junior n senior high school. sir (i’m younger), i was a newbie on blogger. If you want, give some advice for my blog.

    Thanks very much…

    Nb: follow our SMU on

  6. Hello pak Havid Ardi,

    Nice to read this. I have some old pictures (about 1923) of that area (a.o. Bridge between Tambang Sawah and Muara Aman). My father worked there, many years ago. If you are interested, I can send you those pictures.
    I planned to follow my father’s (and my own) footsteps in RI, so I want to visit this area too during my voyage through RI in probably 2012.

  7. It’s appropriate time to make some plans for the future and it’s time to be happy. I have read this post and if I could I desire to suggest you some interesting things or tips. Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article. I desire to read even more things about it!

  8. I think, I’ve met you before, but we didn’t know each other. You’re Reni’s younger brother, aren’t you?. You use to live in Pasar Muara, we was the same elementary school but had a different class. SDN 27 was changed into SDN 17, and no longer was changed into SDN 09.
    By the way, I look hat your blog is very awesome, I like it
    Wish you have nice Havid…

    1. Yup Mr. Eko we come from the same place and the same Elementary school. So you just finished study in Jogja? I finished my master degree in Solo in 2010. Nice to see you Mr. Eko..

  9. thankyou for let me know about Muara Aman, I’m an english student second smt at Universiy of Muhammadiyah Malang. I’m trying to introduce my hometown “Bengkulu” to my classmate.

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