1. The form and pattern s of language mixing graffich : a sociolinguistik study in campus UNP
  2. Gramatical error made by the broadcaster and the listener of sunday all dram program in radio fisika
  3. A deskriptive on the phenomena of english secondary articulations made by ahmad dahlan university in 2006/2007 academic year
  4. the influence of classroom management bassed 2006 curriculum to ward the student’s english achievement of second grade of sma (a comaprative study in sma n1Lebong Utara and madrasah aliyah Negeri Guppi  in Lebong Regency in academic year of 2006/2007)
  5. Designing a set of instructional materials t develop the presentation skill of the preadvanced student of the interactive communicative english at language center of State University of Padang

<sebelumnya> atau <selanjutnya>

Koleksi Judul Penelitian Bahasa Inggris lainya: < Pend. B. Inggris > atau < Sastra Inggris > atau < Linguistik >


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