Pencari Judul bidang Sastra

Berikut Beberapa judul Penelitian sastra yang dikumpulkan dari beberapa kampus dan web. Penelitian ini telah dilakukan.

So, you could see them as the sample and trigger to find other or similar case in another literary works:

  1. The adventures of alice in searching for life concept as seen in lewis carroll’s alice’s adventures in wonderland
  2. A studi of mark twain’s hopes social critism and warning through the main character as seen in connecticut yankee in king arthur’s court.
  3. Reflections of Modernity: Pre- and Post-World War I Conceptions of Modernity as Embodied by the New Woman in F. Scott Fitzgerald¹s The Beautiful and Damned (1922) and Collete’s La Vagabonde (1910)
  4. The significance of the house and the seven gables toward the pyncheons characters in nathaniel hawthorne’s (the house of the seven gables)
  5. The theme of jackson’s the lottery seen from the characters attitudes and irony
  6. Shaw’s possible reason in using pygma lion as the title of his play pygmalion
  7. Tragic qualities in the female characters in williams a streetcar named desire and the glass magerie
  8. The psychological factor of the disharmony between sapphira and rachel-nancy as portrayed in willa cather’s sapphira and the slave girl
  9. Shaw’s critism toward british society in 19th century as seen in pygmalion
  10. The significance of the symbol of the covered bridges toward the main characters as seen in waller’s the bridges of madison country
  11. The englitenment process of the main character, nekhlyudov, in tolstoy’s resurrection
  12. Ode on a grecia urn as the refflection of keats’s experience
  13. An analysis of captain ahab as a tragic hero on meville’s mobydick as seen from shakespearen tragedy
  14. Human aliemation in stowe’s uncle tom’s cabin a marxist study
  15. The analysis of the theme as seen from joe christmas as the main charactrer in light in august by william faulkner
  16. The idea of feminism as represented through vivie waren character in george bernard shaw’s mrs. warren’s proffession
  17. Didactic elements reflected in tolstoy’s tales
  18. The tragic ending of the heroine as a result of the her self-seeking individualism in the authoritarian siciaety seen in shaw’s saint joan
  19. An analysis of denver’s personality development tom morrison’s beloved
  20. A study of the chenges in steinbeck’s concept of phalax in the wayaward bus
  21. Revealing the theme through main character, plot, and setting : a study on annasewell’s blace beauty
  22. The idea of feminism as reveald in the woman characters in walker’s the color purple
  23. Irony in the characterization found in william golding’s lord of the lies
  24. The influence of the native american’s basic philosophy of life on their action as seen in cooper’s the last of the mohicans
  25. Messages in jamie buckingham run baby run conveyed through nicky cruz’s transformation of life.
  26. A thematic analysis of edgar allan poe’s selected short stories
  27. Potrait of caste system in indian society of the 1960’s in the setting of roy’s the god of small things
  28. The expresston of anger and disappoinment as the affect of sufferings in george herbert’s application
  29. The role of the major caracters development in jane austen’s persuasion to reveal her idea about the values of love and prudence
  30. The influence of the author’s social historical background toward the different portrayal of africa and the african colonialism, as seen in conrad’s heart of drakness and achebe’s things fall a part (a comparative study)
  31. Jane austen view toward women’s position in marriage on the nineteenth century englands reflected in emma woodhouse’s character in jane austens’s emma
  32. The influence of the setting on the character insteinbeck’s of mice and men
  33. The influence of faith and hope on the central characters personality development as seen in daniel defoe’s robinson crusoe
  34. Analysis on the main character and the ironies to reveal the theme in herman melville’s in benito cereno
  35. The personality disorder of the characters as the result of the dissatisfication of life in mary shellfy’s frankenstein
  36. Genre Conventions and Plot Structure in Dorothy L. Sayers’ “Strong Poison”
  37. Karakteristik penokohan dalam buku “OF Mice and Men” dan hubunganny dengan setting social
  38. Tee-hee! Quod She, My Vulgar Darling: Detecting the Adolescent Female Voice in Nabokov’s Lolita and Chaucer’s Miller’s Tale
  39. Deconstructing Oppression: The Women¹s Room, Sula, and a Call for Unity among the Marginalized
  40. Working Through the Uncanny: A Feminist Reading of Autobiography

Koleksi Judul Penelitian Bahasa Inggris lainya: < Pend. B. Inggris > atau < Sastra Inggris > atau < Linguistik >


6 thoughts on “Pencari Judul bidang Sastra

  1. Salam kenal mas Havid.Saya adalah mahasiswa UNDIP jurusan sastra inggris,Linguistic.kemarin saya mencoba untuk mengusulkan judul skripsi” THE TECHNIQUE OF MAKING ENGLISH-INDONESIAN IDIOMATIC TRANSLATION”namun saya masih bingung,bagusnya judul saya itu aplikasinya pada apa ya mas?terimakasih

    1. Salam kenal kembali Nur Fuad (ragu mbak ato mas ya).
      Begini, technique itu dalam penerjemahan sebenarnya memiliki arti khusus yang bermakna aplikasi yang terlihat pada karya terjemahan. Semacam perwujudan strategi yang ditempuh penerjemah untuk menyelesaikan masalah dalam penerjemahan (Molina & Albir, 2002). Melihat judul yang mau dibuat sepertinya mengacu pada “cara tertentu” agar menghasilkan terjemahan yang idiomatik.
      Pertama, coba baca beberapa kriteria terjemahan yang idiomatik (Newmark 1988; 1991). Idiomatik translation biasanya ditujukan pada teks yang mengandung unsur budaya agar terdapat kesepahaman.
      Kedua, pada prinsipnya metode penerjemahan (metode idiomatik) itu pilihan penerjemah dan juga pada aplikasinya tidak total semua cara yang ditempuh mengarah ke metode tersebut.
      Ketiga, terjemahan idiomatik itu sebenarnya tujuan dari semua penerjemah.. cuma tentunya untuk mencapai itu beragam strategi digunakan saat menerjemahkan

  2. slaam kenal mas,
    sya sedng menyusun skripsi..sbnrnya sya tertarik utk mengambil pebahsan ttg perbedaan beberapa kata utk mengungkapkan suatu hal dalam british dan american english language,,tp terkendala utk sumbernya..
    ada saran mas?

  3. salam kenal mas, saya mahasiswi sastra inggris,, saya lagi mau buat skripsi ne mas, tapi sya masih bingung mau buat judul apa, saya suka membaca novel, terutama novel-novelnya William Shakespeare, saya ingin membahas tentang novel tapi sya belum dapat ide untuk judul saya, tolong bantu saya ya mas…. terima kasih

  4. sya irma jurusan sastra inggris, sya mau ajukan jdul mengenai novel tpi msi bingun analysis apanya…minta bntuannya dulu..

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